The Mission of EUROFUNG

Fundamental and applied research dedicated to the broad group of filamentous fungi is both important and timely. The mission of EUROFUNG is to provide translational research and development to pave the way from fungal genomes to application, to analyse, control and exploit fungi scientifically and commercially. The newly emerged fungal ‘omics’ era and the advent of systems and synthetic biology provide innovative concepts and ideas for the production of novel bioactive compounds from fungi. To harness this enormous potential, also training opportunities are key for Europe: talented scientists need to enter this interdisciplinary field and strengthen the scientific excellence and competitiveness of European pharmaceutical and biotech industries. More information on currently running training programmes can be found here.

The following White Paper reports on Eurofung’ discussions during a Think tank Meeting in April 2016 on the state of the art and future challenges in fungal biology and biotechnology in the coming decade.The pdf can be downloaded here.





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